Personal Baggage { 20 images } Created 20 Apr 2009

Waste, Landfill & Recycling.

The 'Personal Baggage' project was commissioned by Copeland Borough Council and concentrates on the village of Distington in West Cumbria and the surrounding area, which is surrounded by large landfill sites.

In recent years Distington has suffered the effects of living in the shadow of these landfills and this picture story shows some of the residents, elements of the sites and other waste and recycling related issues.

The intention of the project is to highlight the personal responsibility that the public have for the rubbish on their own doorstep, while providing a focus for the Distington community in advocating the waste minimisation message.

Accompanying the pictures are various statistics about the amount of rubbish we all throw away and quotes from some of the subjects, who were given the opportunity to express their feelings and opinions about their relationship with these sites and the way our waste is dealt with.
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